For those who are very busy. The selection includes classics from Orson Welles, disaster documentaries, and David Cronenberg films.!

Alfred Hitchcock is the author of more than one wise quote about cinema, but he was never more right than when he said that the film’s length should directly depend on the endurance of the human bladder.

Other times, when you watched, for example, “2001: A Space Odyssey” or “Doctor Zhivago,” during the break, you could safely go away for a new portion of popcorn. The only way to watch “Avengers: Endgame” to the end and not run away is almost to stop drinking a couple of days before viewing.

No, the optimal timing of the film is 90 minutes. This is enough to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere, avoid empty rants and leave time to do something else in the evening. Here’s a list of the best movies on Netflix that’s only an hour and a half long.

Three Identical Strangers (2018)

Three brothers – identical triplets – were separated immediately after birth and given to different families, but years later, they find each other again. Sounds like the plot of an ordinary documentary. But it’s not. Far from it! Gradually, the brothers notice how different they are and begin to move away from each other. At this point, the mystery of their origin and the reason they were separated are revealed.

Easy A (2010)

A teen film in which the plot from classical literature is transferred to an American high school. The tape reinterprets Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Scarlet Letter,” and the main character Olivia (Emma Stone), like the prototype from the book, also finds herself a victim of bullying of a puritanical society. A great film can be put on a par with “Stupid” and “10 Reasons for My Hate.” Clever, sophisticated, and very funny.

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Mountain (2017)

Not a typical nature documentary. Dizzy views of majestic, harsh, and insensitive mountain peaks and slopes and the voice of Willem Defoe reading an excerpt from Robert MacFarlane’s book Mountains of the Mind to understand why people seek to conquer these great peaks. “What kind of strange force is pulling us there? Maybe it’s the siren’s stump from the top?” says Defoe thoughtfully to the accompaniment of the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Fruitvale Station (2013)

Ryan Coogler’s first feature film as a director and his first experience with Michael B. Jordan. The film follows Oscar Grant, a young black man killed by police at Fruitvale suburban station in Auckland, California, in 2009. It’s a story about vulnerability, a tragically early-ended life, and systemic racism.

Videodrome (1983)

Organic horror guru David Cronenberg followed his thriller “Crooks” released an incredibly prophetic horror film. Max Wren (James Wood) and Nicky Brand (Deborah Harry) catch the signal of a mysterious television channel full of sex, violence, and murder. It turns out that the “Videodrome” distorts the viewer’s consciousness, causes hallucinations and decomposes the flesh. Looks stunning to this day.

Porco Rosso (1992)

You’ve probably already watched the cult films of the Ghibli studio “My neighbor Totoro,” “Haunted,” “Ponyo fish on the cliff.” “Porco Rosso” by ByAo Miyazaki is not famous, but it is a small pearl. This is the story of an Italian virtuoso pilot who lost faith in humanity after the First World War and incurred a curse that turned him into an anthropomorphic pig. So Marco Pagot turned into Porco Rosso and began to hunt air pirates. It’s a beautiful, witty, and poignant political film.

Apollo 11 (2019)

This documentary about the 1969 moon landing is incredible in every possible sense. This is the most stunning event in the history of humanity, told with restraint and ease, shot on 70-millimeter film, which no one outside of NASA has ever seen before. No talking heads, author’s commentary, and recreated objects. Incredible.

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

We have already debated whether to consider the short films about Wallace and Gromit “Aardman” the pinnacle of the cinema of the XX century. The Oscar-winning feature debut was a match for them. The tradition of classic Horror Studio Hammer and low-budget movies about monsters, seasoned with the trademark stupidity of Wallace and Gromit. Who steals local Lancaster vegetables before a big country show?

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The Purge (2013)

Blumhouse’s low-budget horror-thriller has become such a notable cultural phenomenon that we can describe any dangerous situation as “Judgment Night.” To allow society to purify itself, the new totalitarian government introduces a new law: one night a year, all crimes, even murder, become legal. Will Ethan Hawke and his wealthy family survive in Los Angeles this year? Try to ignore the nauseating script and immerse yourself in the tense atmosphere of a low-budget thriller.

Last Breath (2019)

The sea is frightening. Frozen, lonely, thoroughly wet, you might as well wait for help on the surface of the moon. In this underrated disaster documentary, the same nightmare scenario is played out through obsessively grainy footage. During repair work at a hundred-meter depth, diver Chris Lemons turns off the life support system, leaving him without light, without heating the diving suit, without communication, and with an oxygen supply for only a few minutes.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Of course, you’ve already watched When Harry Met Sally is a classic. According to the film’s plot, graduates of the University of Chicago Harry and Sally go for a new life in New York. The characters constantly argue about sex and relationships, confronting, repeatedly, fighting for their (dying) love and gradually becoming friends. The film is worth watching at least for the sake of impeccable witty dialogue by Nora Efron (Jess: “You know, divorce is not due to jealousy. Jealousy is just a symptom that points to a real problem.” Harry: “Huh? This “symptom” is now my wife is drucking.”). On-screen are Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, and Carrie Fisher. A bonus: perhaps the best collection of sweaters in history was created for the film!

Coffy (1973)

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen Pam Grier before, it was most likely Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. Tarantino is a big fan of the blacksploitation genre (popular in the 1970s, pictures aimed at a dark-skinned urban audience. – Esquire)and other films in which Grier played cruel avengers. In “Strong Coffee,” there are many shootouts. There is absolutely no refinement but thrills – over the edge. Coffey’s main character is a vigilante who wants revenge on the people who planted her sister on heroin, and she will stop at nothing.

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The Stranger (1946)

Noir. Starring Edward J. Edward. Robinson and Orson Welles, directed by Welles. The film tells the story of the UN commissioner on the tail of a fugitive Nazi. But he knows nothing about him except that this Nazi is madly fond of watches. Shocked by a newsreel depicting the atrocities of the Holocaust published in 1945, Wells insisted that footage from there be shown in the climax of Outlander. It’s a beautifully arranged detective thriller.

Gascoigne (2015)

This documentary does not predicate a cold medical analysis of the vicissitudes of the life and career of the former England midfielder. Gascoigne was a child prodigy who broke into the Newcastle United team – and it seemed that with the Spurs, he could beat the whole world. However, he ended up at Lazio, relinquished his place at Rangers, and then wandered from Middlesbrough to Everton, Burnley, China’s Gansu Tianma, until he finally got to Boston United. What’s more, it’s not a film about his serious alcohol addiction. Here, the emphasis is on funny stories, the archives of Gazza (Paul Gascoigne’s nickname), and just what an extraordinary phenomenon he was.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Cabin in the Woods is a bit longer than 90 minutes, but this movie is too good not to be included in this list. It’s a reimagining of all those horror movies in which teenagers do obviously stupid things (like splitting up to find clues) and that are almost always replete with stereotypical images of dumb athletes, crazy cheerleaders, sloppy drug addicts, and so on. According to the plot of this tape, it turns out that all this time, they were manipulated by forces that are beyond our understanding. And now these teenagers are going to destroy evil. It’s hilarious, fascinating, and very young Chris Hemsworth is playing here.


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