Everyone’s favorite SpongeBob was found at the bottom of the ocean, however, there he does not wear square pants. But next to him you can see the starfish, Patrick. No, this is not at all a synopsis of another film about the hero, but a real story. The fact is that the marine scientist Christopher Mach discovered Bob and Patrick under the Atlantic.

Thanks to the submarine, they managed to take a photo of the newly minted heroes, and the coincidence seems amazing.

“I usually avoid these references… but WOW. These are the real SpongeBob and Patrick, ”writes the explorer of the depths.

According to the man, he found this comparison amusing, and he also noted that as a biologist specializing in starfish, he believes that most of the images of cartoon characters are often incorrect.

Apparently, Nickelodeon has a lot to learn from Christopher.

Source: Insider

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