From thrillers highlighting the social problems of modern society to sci-fi classics that remind us that we still don’t have flying cars, we’ve chosen the best streaming service series that will take you to a world of fantasy and incredible inventions.

The contradiction between science and fiction is quite natural, but both interpretations are based on a hypothesis. The “Communicator” in Star Trek is really very similar to the first cell phone, not to mention the predictions of “Black Mirror” – about how suspiciously similar to the series turned out to be in 2020. Sure, we haven’t invented the Jetsons food machine yet, but who says we can’t put some gelatin in a 3D printer, add food coloring, and call it food?

Our rapidly changing era tends to portray scientists and tech entrepreneurs as more powerful than they really are. On the screen, they are always one step ahead. We’ve rounded up the best sci-fi series on Netflix that focus on this topic, from modern technology thrillers to sci-fi classics.

The Twilight Zone

This series combines stories of different genres, but several common features unite them: all these stories are creepy, disturbing, and otherworldly. The Twilight Zone is written by Rod Serling and features both a strong cast (Burt Reynolds and Robert Redford) and a high concentration of science fiction in the true sense of the term.

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Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a drama depicting our hyper-digital world with all its challenges. You can start watching any series, but in our opinion, a powerful impression is made by the episode “San Junipero” from the third season. And the series “White Christmas” will be a test for your taste and intelligibility in the genre.


Emma Stone and Jonah Hill play in this dark comedy two strangers who meet while undergoing neurological treatment. They have different symptoms, but they both need mental healing. Ultimately, they face something more than the unwanted side effects of the wrong medication.

Stranger Things

Hint: That’s why everyone wore a bloody nose and a box of eggs for Halloween in 2016. The plot of the series involves many secrets, intricate as rabbit holes. The project turned out to be so successful and popular that it is approaching the fourth season (however, its production was postponed due to the coronavirus). The events of “Stranger Things” unfold in a small town of Indiana after the mysterious disappearance of a boy and the appearance of a strange girl with telekinetic abilities.

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This series is highly regarded for its focus on current social issues. Eight very different and dissipating strangers from all over the world find that they have an emotional and mental connection with each other. Gradually, they find each other, the reason for their connection and, of course, the sinister organization that tracks them down. The project’s authors are Lana and Lily Wachowski (they also created all parts of the legendary “Matrix”).

Altered Carbon

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Richard Morgan. The events unfold in a futuristic world where human souls are digitized into devices called “stacks,” a decision that has been used to defeat death once and for all. However, the services of copying one’s consciousness and free movement through the bodies are available only to wealthy people. One of these people rescues a soldier from a “stack” prison to solve his murder.

The Umbrella Academy

The prayers of the viewers were finally answered: this is an apocalyptic series about a family of foster superheroes. It is based on a comic book series created by My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way. No, seriously. Take a look to make sure it’s a worthy show — and stay watching the family rescue of the world.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Please tune in to the classics of the 1980s and 1990s that made Patrick Stewart famous (thanks to his iconic role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard). It’s a sequel to Star Trek. Events take place in the XXIV century on the US spacecraft, whose team explores the Milky Way.

The OA

The series tells about the mysterious appearance of a young woman who disappeared seven years ago, being blind. Now she can see and calls herself “AYA” (“Original Angel”). She is determined to bring back her missing brethren, or rather, pull them out of another dimension. To do this, she resorts to the help of five strangers.

Raising Dion

The series is based on a comic book by Dennis Lee and a short film of the same name. This is the story of a widowed mother who begins to experience difficulties with upbringing when her son Dion begins to show superhuman abilities. Suddenly, her mother’s mission is to keep Dion’s superpowers a secret from those who try to exploit him.


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