Following Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone may issue her claims to the Disney studio and its hybrid model. Reported by former editor of The Hollywood Reporter Matt Belloni. 

On May 28, “Cruella” starring Stone was released in the US and on the Disney + stream service, but Disney did not discuss additional remuneration for such a release model with the actress and her representatives. Like Johansson, Stone received a percentage from the box office, but not from streaming. In Johansson’s case, the bonus could have been at least $ 50 million. Stone’s estimated amount was not disclosed. 

Emily Blunt, the star of Jungle Cruise’s new action-adventure (released in cinemas and streaming), also plans to go to court. In May of this year, the actress and her husband, director John Krasinski wanted to receive additional compensation from Paramount for the shortened distribution time of the horror film A Quiet Place 2. Whether the conflict was settled is unknown. 

Johansson has already thanked her fellow actors and human rights organizations for her courage and role model. Disney noted that there were no violations of the terms of the contract and that the actress did not take into account the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. If he wins in court, Johansson will be able to earn an additional 20 million. 

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Source: Screen Rant 


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