A new film with Angelina Jolie in one of the main roles finally reached the big screens! Why the film is worthy of viewing, what surprises are in store for the viewer, and how to go through a light survival course in a couple of hours – let’s discuss all this in detail. So, here is our complete review of the film- hose Who Wish Me Death.

Let’s warn you right away: before going to the cinema, do not watch the trailer in any case. The trailer consists entirely of spoilers that can spoil your viewing experience. All you need for a general presentation is a little description of the characters. There is a boy who needs to save his life, there are a couple of thugs, and there are people who are not voluntarily involved in a mess (including the heroine Jolie). To what the pursuers surrendered the boy – this you have to find out for yourself.

The film has an adult rating, but at the same time, you will not find frankly terrible bloody scenes here. The picture could well do without a realistic image of blood at all and at the same time not lose anything. Cinema knows many examples when a film, even without demonstrating cruelty, could inspire the viewer with a sense of anxiety and even horror. In this tape, scenes with a bloody outcome are used more like a pinch of seasoning to give sharpness, and if you consider yourself a lover of realism, you will be satisfied. The main thing is not to overstate expectations. There is no frank meat grinder here.

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The main trump card of the film is the cast. In addition to Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Hoult and Aidan Gillen (Little Finger from Game of Thrones) play in the film, and there is no doubt about the plausibility, of course. Jolie has long proved to everyone that she can play not only action heroines and play a dramatic role for her is not difficult. Nicholas Hoult, who can often be seen playing the roles of positive characters, changed the role, and here he tries on the image of a calculating scoundrel. Aidan Gillen to play antagonists is not new, so he replenished his piggy bank with another typical role for him, which is traditionally played at the level.

But the main surprise is a young actor Finn Little, who devotes just the entire cast and makes the viewer feel the whole range of emotions that overwhelms his character. We can only advise you to follow his career, before our eyes the future big actor is growing.

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The plot is not rich in any revelations, banal and predictable, and the scenario finds an end with the combination of thriller genres and a small fraction of road movies. There are no twists, everything is exactly from beginning to end, but at the same time, you do not want to scold the film at all: despite the cliché, the tape does not make you bored and closer to the denouement, it can even frustrate the viewer.

The helplessness of the plot here is more than compensated by the fascinating views of the forest area in which the film takes place. A huge picturesque array here feels like a background for action and a completely separate important character.

What is also remarkable is that the tape perfectly shows how to create a strong female character for the movie. Nowadays, films often flash heroines whose strength is not justified and whose motivation rests on underestimating male characters.

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“Those Who Wish Me Dead” takes us back to the very origins, to the times when heroines like Sarah Connor or Ellen Ripley could be role models even for boys. Here, women do not embark on actual agitation, have just a steel rod, and stand up for themselves and their loved ones.

As a result, we have a picture that in the plot plan of stars from the sky is not enough, but at the same time does not cause any irritation. The movie can be safely recommended to those who want to look at high-quality acting and beautiful landscapes. Bonus, the film can be considered not only as an entertaining or artistic product, but also as a basic lesson in survival: after leaving the hall, you want to take some course on survival in the wilderness or enroll in scouts!


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