A night in which you have to watch the madness, blood, and uncontrollable cruelty of some and the desperate desire to survive on the part of others – this is how you can briefly describe the idea of the series of films “The Purge,” which this week was replenished with another part, already the fifth in a row. Is “The Forever Purge” worth your attention, the phenomenon of the whole series, and what thoughts the tape leads the viewer to – we will tell about this and not only right now.

The series of films “The Purge” is heard by many. And how can it be otherwise, when there is such a simple, but at the same time very catchy concept of one night a year, during which almost any atrocity can be committed with impunity! It would seem, even with such an idea, the series for the fifth film should have already fidged out. Still, no – the new film not only does not disappoint but can even inspire long arguments about the nature of xenophobia in human society, which is somewhat surprising.

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If you are one of those who have not watched any of the previous parts of the series, then there is nothing to worry about: the film is self-sufficient and to understand it you do not need to be aware of the events of the previous tapes, and the rules of The Forever Purge are explained in the opening credits. But for those who have already watched the previous parts, a surprise is prepared: here all the rules go under the dog’s tail, and the utter and boundless chaos begins, and it is in such scenery that almost the entire film takes place.

However, the tape would not be worth a fraction of the attention if not for the film’s main characters. It’s not even that they are prohibitively charismatic. On the contrary, they are so simple and understandable to every viewer that anyone can associate themselves with one of them. This, in turn, allows you to perceive even more sharply the idea laid down by the filmmakers in their work.

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The main theme of the whole series is social stratification, and the new tape was no exception. In this picture, people’s dislike for each other against the background of ethnic and cultural differences is touched upon. The theme of xenophobia is everywhere and always relevant, and “The Forever Purge” tries to fully reflect the meaninglessness of this phenomenon by immersing the viewer in the thick of the riots.

The scenes of excesses presented in this context unwittingly lead the viewer to the idea that in some parts of the Earth, the reality is exactly this: people live in a real massacre, having no idea whether they will live to see the next day. From this point of view, this tape clearly demonstrates the magic of cinema: while remaining an entertainment attraction, it also is a harsh illustration of the absurdity of any discord.

As can be understood from what was said earlier, the movie does not stand on ceremony with the audience and traditionally demonstrates an extreme degree of cruelty. The camerawork here sometimes produces the effect of documentary shooting, which is why what is happening on the screen turns almost into a personal experience.

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The “father” of the entire series, James DeMonaco, who acted this time as a screenwriter, very smoothly demonstrates the transformation of the characters’ beliefs, and their motivation is difficult to blame for implausibility. Strange scenario decisions can be observed only closer to the final scenes of the picture, when we are shown too cool locals who, on occasion, would pile even some Rambo.

As a result, we have a picture that does not create the impression of a stupid movie despite its bloodiness and cruelty. This is a spectacular entertaining film, firmly knocked down and of high quality, which meets the expectations of both fans of the series and new viewers.

At the same time, “The Forever Purge” is a rather rare example of skillful propaganda, which chose to promote the ideas of peace while using the deliberate strengthening of the effect of scenes of violence, and this method turned out to be quite working.


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