On the street of horror fans came the holiday – we finally have the third part of the “Conjuring” in the cinemas! The film is ready to surprise, how satisfied fans of horror will be and whether it is worth going to it in the cinema – we will tell you about it right now!

Most horrors suffer from one common ailment – monotony. No wonder horror films are considered one of the most complex genres, which requires great ingenuity from the authors. Most filmmakers do not really bother and give out a stable template, filled with screamers and anxious screams. The more valuable are the individual works that really deserve attention. And some films pretend to be pure horror but ultimately deceive the viewer’s expectations, and “The Conjuring 3” is just one of them. As it turns out, that’s not so bad.

The film, which in the first minutes promises us all that we have already seen in the previous parts of the series, at some point makes a sharp turn and turns into … detective! Naturally, the mystical component does not disappear anywhere, but such a game with genres adds more tension to the story. Yes, this is not the detective that will delight experienced connoisseurs of intricate intricacies. Still, for those who are tired of the endless everyday life of exorcists with blackjack and exorcism, such a mixture of genres is a breath of fresh air.

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The film traditionally presents everything on serious grounds. No humor (which the series once experimented with in The Curse of the Nun), only hardcore arguments about demons and rituals. The most impressionable drama adds the world-old disclaimer “Based on real events,” just a tidbit for those who sincerely believe in the reality of some “Battle of psychics.” In fact, the film and without this notorious phrase looks quite tense. In one breath, and for fans of “The Conjuring,” there are even prepared pleasant bonuses in the form of the development of Ed and Lorraine Warren as interesting characters and loving spouses, for whom you can even get upset at certain moments.

Can a film scare the viewer? Yeah, absolutely. All the clichés from the previous parts, like wildly curving bodies, occult stuff, and panicked priests, are preserved here. Unexpected “boo!” from around the corner is also not uncommon. In this case, I recall the phrase of the creator of “Star Wars” George Lucas, about movie clichés: “Do not avoid clichés. They’ve become clichés because they work.” The third “Conjuring” is just when hackneyed movie techniques really work and look appropriate, and part of that may be due to their interesting visual playing.

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As a result, we have an unexpectedly high-quality synthesis of mystical horror and detective, which is lightly seasoned with romance. If you liked the previous parts, then most likely you will like the third one even more. If you are looking for a good movie for a date, then “The Conjuring 3” will provide you with not only a share of adrenaline but also a romantic mood upon leaving the hall. And for those who have little sympathy for horror movies, the tape offers a good cocktail of a rather tense thriller and plot-justified screamers. If you do not perceive the paranormal with hostility, then viewing can even leave a pleasant aftertaste.


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