In 1996, the world saw the tape “Space Jam” with Michael Jordan, a cult for the generation of the 90s and became for many almost one of the favorite films of childhood. This week, Space Jam: A New Legacy was released on the big screens, a fresh reimagining of the good old concept of “Basketball + Looney Tunes characters.” How this creation turned out, whether it will repeat the original’s success and what should be expected from it – we will tell about this in our new review.

At one time, the original “Space Jam” turned out to be great entertainment due to the simple but not boring plot and the participation of the main basketball star of all time – Michael Jordan. When watching, the filmmakers felt that the filmmakers put their soul into it, which can not be said about the new tape: “Space Jam: A New Legacy” is an example of an unsuccessful attempt to repeat the success of its predecessor. If the old film told an easy and different story in its dynamism, then the theme of the new tape is a kind of problem of the relationship between fathers and children, based on which the whole local plot grows.

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This time the performer of the main role is the eminent basketball player LeBron James. It would be strange to find fault with the acting of the athlete, especially given that Michael Jordan at one time shone on the screen rather confused look, but then the plot was justified. While in the old tape, you just had to play yourself, in the new LeBron has to play a family drama, and watching this is quite a difficult task, requiring a lot of concentration and endurance. The deplorable situation with the acting here is struggling to correct Don Cheadle, but the film does not really save. On this occasion, I recall a comedy sketch in which the Oscar-winning Gary Oldman addresses athletes who decided to actors is not the most flattering words.

The very same “dramatic” component of the picture looks stereotyped far-fetched, and in conjunction with the already mentioned attempts to act, it is completely perceived ridiculously.

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Cons cons cons, but that’s what the film can not take away, so it’s a beautiful visual – that’s where you should look for the very “A New Legacy,” made in the subtitle of the tape. Two-dimensional characters acquire three-dimensionality, dizzying flights over the worlds of “Harry Potter” or “Game of Thrones” – this is definitely worth a look. Colorful and juicy picture. Closer to the finale, the colors and shapes turn into such a thick flickering hodgepodge that we would advise epileptics to refrain from watching and viewers who will go to the film in IMAX – to sit on the far rows.

As you may have already understood, this creation demonstrates the rich library of assets of the Warner Bros. film company, and, in addition to the already mentioned “Harry Potter” and “Game of Thrones,” here you can see a huge number of references and excerpts from iconic films: “Casablanca,” “Mad Max,” “The Matrix,” “Steel Giant” – this is not a complete list of masterpieces that you can touch. By the number of characters from different franchises, this tape can be compared only with the film “The First Player to Prepare.” Also, the creators of the tape did not forget to pamper (or tease) fans with recognizable references to the original “Space Jam”.

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True, the impressions of these pleasant bonuses are lubricated by the obsessive and frequent mention of the name of the Warner Bros. film company, which is why the film turns into one large, stretched advertising.

As a result, we have a film that offers the viewer a boring plot with a far-fetched drama, which in no way compares with the original “Space Jam.” Brighten up the viewing can only be a spectacular visual and a ton of references to famous tapes. If you expect “Space Jam: A New Legacy” an easy and pleasant story, the picture will likely disappoint. This creation can be recommended to parents who want to reduce children to something, but it is better to show them the old film even in this case. Fortunately, it still has not lost its charm.


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