The big screens finally reached the continuation of the Fast and Furious franchise expected by many. What to expect from the ninth part of the long-playing series, how many spectacles were prepared for the audience, and where the laws of physics went. Let’s go ahead and see what to expect from Fast and Furious 9.

Once dedicated to racing and family values, the series has long turned into an attraction about family values and anything but racing, and the new “Fast and Furious” continues to move along the same tracks. A sea of action, serious faces, and conspiracies against the main characters – since the previous parts of this good here are enough with excess. Unprepared viewers (if there are any) can quite reasonably compare the film with some “Mission Impossible,” only with Vin Diesel instead of Tom Cruise.

Despite the arm bone seriousness of everyone and everyone, now and then, jokes slip through the tape that can amuse fans of the series. There was even a place of self-irony about the invulnerability and luck of the main characters – a greeting to the audience from the writers of the project, who themselves understand the unrealism of what happened and will happen on the screen. Luck here does not end with successful coincidences.

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The main characters here are favored by nature itself. In the universe of “Fast and Furious,” the laws of physics clearly chose Tourette’s company (sorry, family) as their favorites: they do not sink in the water, they do not explode, even though the air they are adept at driving! If you are one of those who are for realism, it will be easier to perceive the film as a fantastic comedy.

Yes, your physics teacher from the film will not be delighted, but a simple viewer who came for testosterone and the spectacle may well be satisfied. Here, all bets are made on entertainment. The blockbuster component of the film will not leave disappointed fans of steep chases, smashing cities into slivers and mountains of loosened cars, and the last scenes of the film do bring the franchise to a completely new level. The main thing is to keep yourself in hand when you see.

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If you are one of those who seriously follows the plot of the series, then here you will find a nice bonus in the form of drama of fathers and children. Here we are looked at the young Dominic and the reasons why he became so harsh small. We will not tell. Further, we are still against spoilers, no matter how nominal the plot is.

If we talk about the pantheon of actors involved in the series, we have a replenishment in John Cena, who played the role of Toretto’s brother. His main task was to portray a stone face to match the rest of the characters, and with his role, he coped with all 100. The family similarity is simply obvious.

Also in the film lit up the incomparable Helen Mirren. It’s a pity that it appears literally for a couple of minutes. Well, Charlize Theron is still good.

As a result, the series, which seems to be trying to overtake Bond in the number of films, was replenished with another part, which continues to take entertainment and catchphrases about the value of the family. If you are looking for a thrill that you can go to with a bucket of popcorn and make up for the lack of special effects, then Fast and Furious 9 is your choice. Well, if you do not have a soul in the intricacies of the drama of the Toretto family, then viewing is simply a must!

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