Back in 1961, the cartoon “101 Dalmatians” was released, in which the villain Cruella De Vil appeared (our name was translated as Cruella), and now, 60 years after the release of the cartoon, a tape completely dedicated to the formation of the villain was prepared for us. Did Emma Stone cope with the new role, how fresh was the look at the character, and why “Cravella” is the best that Disney has created in recent times? We will tell you about all this right now!

As you know, Disney has recently turned to characters from its library of classic cartoons for inspiration. In some cases, it turned out to be an almost verbatim retelling of original works (for example, “The Jungle Book” and “Aladdin”), sometimes it was possible to create a new story, but according to good old templates (“Maleficent”), but “Strangela” finally became a breath of fresh air. By its very appearance, the picture seems to say that the studio is ready to keep up with the new generation!

Audacity is the middle name of the film. It seems that the creators of the picture we’re given a full carte blanche, and they chose the course of breaking the patterns developed over many decades: before us is the story of a talented and crazy girl who wants to become a trendsetter. Therefore she should declare herself as loudly as possible!

Thanks to several creative solutions, the picture looks several times more advantageous than the previous creations of the studio. Some typical plot twists are preserved here, and a famously twisted plot should not be expected here. Still, the presentation is surprising: no one in the studio has ever managed so stylishly and boldly with the material.

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Moreover, the style is preserved at all stages of production, up to trailers and posters. The entire advertising campaign of the film as a chip uses the catchiness of a contrasting picture and non-standard presentation. It is enough to look at the posters to understand that before we are not smeared from head to toe romanticism story about princes and princesses.

After the first viewings, some Western viewers began to call “Cruella” a mixture of “The Devil Wears Prada” with anything else. Indeed, the film has tons of outfits for every perverted taste, and fashion designers can already record this film in absentia in their favorites. Even people far from the world of fashion will easily appreciate how huge the work of costume designers is invested here: one garbage dress is worth it!

Looking at all this magnificence, it is already becoming obvious that at the next Oscar with “Truella” in the field of costumes will be incredibly difficult to compete.

Another of the decorations of the film is, of course, Emma Stone in the image of Cravella! The damn stylish image of the character, coupled with the charming game of the actress, works real magic, and after watching in any way do not want to part with the charismatic villain! Emma Thompson, who embodied on the screen the image of the main character’s opponent, shines no less and convincingly brings a fair share of cynicism to the picture.

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Also incredibly disposable and add to the film humor and liveliness actors who played the assistants of Cruella. We bet on the fact that they will love the children’s part of the audience very much.

And the film gives you a couple of seconds to look at the rejuvenated Mark Strong! Fans and fans of the actor hurry up to appreciate.

It is worth noting that the film also unexpectedly turned out to be saturated in quality music. You can forget about the usual musicals. Here no one even thinks to chant to collect animals in the clearing.

The film takes place in London 70-ies of the last century, during the heyday of underground and rebellious music. Here is where the explosive tone of the picture and the realities of those times just came together perfectly: now and then against the background sounds cheerful rock from Queen, Deep Purple, or The Rolling Stones, adding saturation to the outrageous antics of the main character. At some point, there is just a stunning cover of the song I want to Be Your Dog, which you probably want to listen to again after watching.

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London, audacity and quality music… Um, right there are just all the conditions for Guy Ritchie to be listed in the directors!

Indeed, the picture’s tone is very reminiscent of that in the best works of the cult British director, but it has nothing to do with “Cruella.” The director of the tape was Craig Gillespie, who gave us in 2017 a wonderful film, “Tonya against all,” all with the same tone and about the same brisk heroine (if you did not watch – we recommend to watch). The director’s experience did not disappoint, and now we again got a strong and cheerful story about a rebellious nature, sown this time under Disney sauce.

As a result, we have a stylishly served story, devoid of many of the “magic” of typical Disney films like the singing of characters, princes, princesses, a hardened morality and a colorful palette. If you love ’70s garage rock, then you’re here. If you do not understand what is special in fashion design, but want to understand what real art has to do with it, then this film is definitely for you.

“Cruella” is just a creative extravaganza, saturated with cynicism and a light crazy thing that will appeal to all lovers of a rebellious atmosphere! We haven’t seen that in a long time, gentlemen.

P.S. After viewing, do not rush to leave the cinema hall in the film, among other things, gorgeous final credits, after which you will find one bonus scene.


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