After a long hiatus, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally returned to the big screen with a solo film about Natasha Romanoff! What to expect from the “Black Widow,” what the picture will please or disappoint the viewer, and how David Harbour anneals here will tell about all this in our new review!

If you ask any fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe what character he would call his favorite, there is very little chance that the choice will fall on Black Widow. However, in terms of the drama of the personal story, Natasha will give odds to many of his colleagues in the “Avengers,” and a solo film about this character was to take place. Another thing is what will be told in the new tape.

If you consider yourself to be a fan of the MCU and follow all the intricacies of a large-scale superhero story, then you probably expect in this film a demonstration of mysterious events in Budapest, which, although briefly, are still often mentioned in many previous films. We will not spoil the intrigue and will not confirm or refute these guesses, say that “Black Widow” tells us, for the most part, about the events of the heroine’s life that occur in the time interval after the events of the film “The First Avenger: Confrontation.”

The film’s main theme is family values and relationships of lost people who try to stick to each other in trying to imagine what it is like to be relatives.

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In the main roles here – entirely titled stars: Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh, who played the roles of Black Widows – oscar nominees, and their on-screen “mother” Rachel Weisz – and at all the owner of the prestigious statuette. Their colleague in the film David Harbour, who here plays the role of a Soviet superhero, is familiar to many on the series “Stranger Things.” Naturally, the quality of their roles is not even in doubt, but Rachel Weisz writers, alas, did not allow them to roam and show all their acting skills fully. Her character remains on the periphery of the audience’s attention.

By the way, an interesting fact about the cast: the role of little Natasha in the film is played by Ever Anderson, the daughter of Milla Jovovich.

The film’s overall tone can be described as dramatic, and at certain moments even oppressive, but there is no lack of humor in the picture. Here, for example, the creators embark on self-ironic and offer to laugh at some well-established superhero cliché. The main generator of comical situations is the aged superhero Red Guard performed by the already mentioned David Harbor, who now and then makes the audience laugh until it falls. His obsession with rivalry with Captain America touches and causes an acute desire to still converge with his opponent in a duel if only he were satisfied.

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Perhaps this character became the most charismatic in this picture and even eclipses Natasha Romanoff, herself. He also owns the most “touching” recognition in the history of comic books. After watching the movie, you might even want a separate Red Guardian movie, so good is it! At the same time, another important topic is associated with it, which has not yet been revealed in other films of the cinematic universe – the theme of superheroes released in circulation, whose glory days were left behind.

Trailers showed as the main villain Taskmaster, able to copy the fighting styles of his opponents, and before us this time again the case when the antagonist bears the burden of a difficult fate. Marvel has repeatedly used such a move, so this fact does not cause much surprise, but it can still touch somewhat. If we consider the spectacle of the battle scenes, this character is a beautiful part of the Black Widow, and it is a pleasure to follow their fights. In general, the choreography of the fights here deserves special admiration, as well as the camerawork, which gives you a sense of both dynamic and calmer scenes.

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For absolute immersion in the film was not enough only music, which here turned out, surprisingly, sluggish and discreet, although the composer of the tape Lorne Balph can hardly be called a profane. Almost the only music scene in “Black Widow” that can evoke strong emotions is the opening credits accompanied by a cover of the song Smells Like Teen Spirit. This passage is definitely worth watching and listening to in the cinema.

As a result, we have a film that boasts spectacular fights, an interesting character of the Red Guard, and a more detailed analysis of the heroine’s experiences, whose superpower, as the film shows, is to be sensitive and sympathetic.

If you follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe and want to get a new portion of impressions, then the question “to go or not?” is not worth it for you. If you have not followed the events of previous films, you risk not understanding the main character’s motivation and references to other events in the series.

“Black Widow” is a tape that does not create a sense of belonging to something grandiose in the viewer and does not claim the laurels of such solo films as “Iron Man” or “The First Avenger.” It is rather a film dedicated to a selfless heroine, which touches and warms the soul of fans.


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