At one time, “A Quiet Place” conquered many viewers due to an interesting and fresh idea, and now, to the delight of fans of the original, the light saw the continuation of the story. Whether the creators could bring something new, who should watch the film, and how tense it turned out to be “A Quiet Place 2” – we will tell you about all this in this review.

Sequels often can not be compared in quality with the original film, and it is possible to surpass the first part in the rarest cases. “Quiet Place 2” is an example of how the creators wanted to climb into the same river twice. Still, at the same time, we’re too lazy to supplement the perfectly working concept with an interesting story and disclosure of prerequisites. The pros and cons of the first part smoothly migrated to the second, yet the continuation loses because the effect of novelty has disappeared. If “A Quiet Place” surprised the viewer with unusual conditions and at the same time demonstrated both the development of the characters and the plot, then the continuation makes an unforgivable mistake: the story tramples on the spot and, in addition to the character of Cillian Murphy, it is difficult to find anything new here.

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“Quiet Place 2” can be called an ode to unrealized potential. The picture can afford a wide gesture to present the viewer with a huge flashback framed in terms of timing, the functionality of which is almost completely reduced to acquaintance with the already mentioned new character, and all the remaining time is spent banally on running with obstacles. Now and then, we are offered sucked out of the finger “dangerous” situations, the plausibility of which is believed under the condition of several assumptions, illogicality accumulate like a snowball, and the level of stupidity reaches its apogee closer to the denouement: we are categorically against spoilers, and therefore only remember the expression “feast during the plague,” and if you are one of those who have already gone to the film. , then you know what it’s about.

The film can be easily shortened to a short film, and the viewer will ultimately lose little; while the creators gave another half an hour to supplement the story and plug the plot holes, then we could get, if not a standard full-fledged thriller, then at least a thoughtful movie. In fact, we have a film that can begin to strain the sophisticated viewer with attempts to strain. If you could pause the screening and ask the viewer in the next chair about how he would continue the story, there is a high probability that even his version would be richer.

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The advantages of the film include a brilliant acting ensemble, which Cillian Murphy now joins. The star of “Peaky Blinders” here plays a broken personality, and even in one of his eyes, you can feel how heavy emotional baggage his character is forced to carry. Emily Blunt and all her on-screen couples do not change themselves and as heartily as possible portray the despair that permeates in each of their actions. Without such talented performers, the picture, frankly, would be completely doomed.

As a result, if you do not have a soul in the first part and are ready to close your eyes to several illogicalities and omissions, then there is a high probability that you will also like the new tape. But if you expect from “Quiet Place 2” a noticeable development of the story and hope to get answers to the questions that arose when watching the first film, then look at your own risk. This film could have been many times better but, unfortunately, did not squeeze out the main truth.

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