The release of a new cartoon from Pixar is always a holiday for connoisseurs of quality cinema, so rejoice: a new creation of the studio breaks into the cinemas – “Luke,” telling about the adventures of two very unusual boys. How it turned out, whether it deserves to become your favorite cartoon and why now is the time to go to the movies – we will tell you about all this right now!

Creating one cartoon masterpiece after another, Pixar studio unwittingly falls into the trap of inflated expectations of the audience. Each new project of Pixar and the audience and critics are waiting with bated breath, so each of their new cartoons must be almost a masterpiece. And here we come to the main question – could “Luke” become another diamond in the crown of Pixar? The answer is, damn it, yeah!

The cartoon’s action takes place in a seaside town, where two friends arrive in pursuit of a dream. Spectators for joy, adventures do not take long to wait, and certainly will not be bored.

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Somehow, incomprehensibly, the creators of the picture managed to compress the whole summer and fit within the framework of an hour and a half of timing. It is even possible that this is one of the best films in the history of cinema, dedicated to the theme of childhood and cheerful summer days. The Kazakh audience, by the way, may have unexpected analogies with the classics of Kazakh cinema – the wonderful film “My Name Is Leather,” which also told about the merry summer days of two bosom friends.

The picture is imbued with the spirit of adventurism and children’s friendship, dreams of the unknown, and the most sincere feelings. Starting as an easy adventure, the story adheres to this tone until the very end. Even the conflict with the antagonist is served childishly and without unnecessary drama, all as in childhood. If you want to briefly regain the feeling of summer holidays and go back to those carefree times when you could frolic from morning to evening that there is strength, then “Luke” is just such an opportunity provides.

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If we talk about the technical component, the Pixar studio, as we all know, tries to set the highest level of quality in each of its new works. Thanks to this aspiration, “Luke” was no exception: the tape looks fantastic, the drawing of landscapes and water at some moments is impossible to distinguish from the live shooting: refreshing splashes of seawater and warm sunlight somehow magically cease to be limited to only one screen, and the viewer seems to feel cool and warm with his skin! Hellishly painstaking work of artists here is visible to the naked eye and deserves the highest praise!

The script of the tape pleases very realistically written children’s characters. They speak here in naïve-childish phrases (in a good way), which is why there is not for second thoughts in the spirit of “a child would not speak such speeches.” Like all children, they dream and believe that they will definitely get what they want with all their hearts because how else!

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Very captivating, as the wild imagination of the main characters is presented: from flights to distant planets and trips among the clouds is truly breathtaking! The whole atmosphere of childhood is conveyed here so vividly and will cause adults so strong bouts of nostalgia that you do not even want the story to end, and when the viewer still reaches the final scenes of the cartoon, you will need to try very hard not to feel.

As a result, we have a charming picture with charming characters and a cute story that can delight both adults and children. This is a very summer cartoon ready to warm and give a warm mood at any time of the year. Each viewer will definitely find his own list of favorite creations of the Pixar studio, and, without a doubt, “Luke” for someone will be the tape that will replenish the personal list of masterpieces.


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