So, you watched The Last Dance- Ten hours of comedy and drama, adult men, then laughing at each other until they fall, then suddenly letting out a tear when you least expect it. And that’s not counting the rare videos made while watching the Chicago Bulls. After The Last Dance, you’re ready for a marathon of sports documentaries –emotional, full of triumph and sadness. We have prepared a list for you: let’s start with an acid trip, finish with a bus trip to Birmingham.

No No: A Dockumentary (2014)

In the summer of 1970, Pittsburgh Pirates baseball pitcher Doc Ellis visited his friend in Los Angeles during the break between matches. The guys spent time using hallucinogens and stimulants, drinking alcohol, and listening to Jimi Hendrix records for several days. Until one day, Ellis realized that today — in the midst of an acid trip — he will have two games. He took to the field and played a no-hitter, the best match of his career. A documentary is dedicated to these events.

Dare to Dream: The story of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team (2005)

A film about good old inspiration: dare to Dream is about the winners of the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The U.S. and Chinese teams advanced to the final. And if you don’t get goosebumps the moment the bus with the national team gets to Meadowland, it’s worth checking whether you are really not indifferent to sports.

Minding the Gap, 2018

Documentary filmmaker Bing Liu made a film about his friends, twenty-year-olds burning through his youth in Rockford, Illinois. I do not want to spoil the viewing experience, revealing the plot. Let’s just say that this film begins as a story about young people in love with skateboarding and ends with a sad panorama of domestic violence in a depressed post-industrial city.

Andre the Giant (2018)

If you liked how The Last Dance was shot, chances are you’ll love Andre, the Giant. The tape tells about the legend of wrestling – Andre, 2.24 cm tall, and about his life – brilliant in the ring and full of pain outside it.

When We Were Kings (1996)

Dozens, if not hundreds, of documentaries, have been made about Muhammad Ali, but none of them compare to that. The film focuses on “Rumble in the Jungle” – the legendary duel between Ali and George Foreman – and everything around him. This is the movie you need if you want to understand what it’s like to be in the same room with Ali, his boundless energy and will to fight.

Unforgivable Blackness, 2004

The story of the rise and fall of Jack Johnson, the first African-American boxer to win the heavyweight boxing title. Any list of documentaries about sports would be incomplete without this film.

More Than a Game (2008)

Another film about basketball is dedicated to the ascent to the top of the sports Olympus of a young LeBron James and his teammates on the school basketball team from Akron, Ohio. They broke into the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) league and rapidly made their way to America’s top of youth basketball.

Jordan Rides the Bus (2010)

At the end of 1993, the great Michael Jordan reports that he was disappointed in basketball and leaves this sport – to this decision, according to the athlete, he was pushed by the death of his father. Jordan Rides the Bus is a film about how a famous basketball player tried to make a career in baseball.

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