Keanu Reeves went card in hand: this year, the festival named after the actor was held, the third “John Wick” earned all the money in the world at the box office, and last week they announced the filming of a new part of the cult “The Matrix.”

The news that Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss will return to the relaunched “Matrix” has produced some incredible effects worldwide. Schwarzenegger’s return to The Terminator seems to have been less enjoyed — though there was far more drama in the story of Arnie’s political collapse in the story of the victim’s return. Social media was filled with jubilation. People shared the news with such joy as if each of them had just had twins. Meanwhile, it is clear that “The Matrix” without Reeves is, well, like “Terminator” without Schwarzenegger. That is, it is also possible, but most of humanity will not understand.

However, it seems that the reason for such frantic joy was different: the return to the “Matrix” was for Keanu the actual confirmation of the return to the top, and this in Hollywood, few people succeed.

Warner Bros/Village Roadshow Pictures/Kobal/Shutterstock/REXFrame from The Matrix

Freddie Mercury said that there was only one way down from the top, and at the beginning of the new millennium, Reeves had a chance to feel it in his own skin. In 1999, the first “Matrix” was released, there were two more ahead, but it was already obvious that this work crossed out more or less everything that the actor had done so far. You could forget about “The Devil’s Advocate,” “Speed,” and even “On the Crest of the Wave” – now, every next role of Keanu will be compared with Neo (including what happened four years before the “Matrix” “Johnny the Mnammonic”). This situation ruined, for example, the excellent comic book “Constantine.” In general, Keanu began to demolish somewhere in the league of his peer Nicolas Cage, who, we recall, also at one time gave serious hopes and even had an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas.

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With this acting generation in general, it turned out interesting. Cage, Reeves, Johnny Depp, Christian Slater, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton – after the stars of the “new Hollywood” (Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Harrison Ford), it was the first full-fledged acting generation capable of providing change, continuity and so on. They all started with brilliant directors-authors (from Van Sant and Fincher to Lynch and Tony Scott), eventually becoming mainstream stars. And almost all as of today have passed the peak of their careers. Slater returned to the screens in “Mr. Robot,” Depp is trying to become a character artist (however, with the help of the spin-off “Harry Potter”), Norton went to the directors, Cage – well, of course.

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Keanu, until relatively recently, was also in a situation of uncertainty. Okay” – it was still some luck. But if you try to remember at least one role of the main star of the early noughties from 2005 to 2013, you are likely to face a crushing failure. There were glimpses of their own: a brilliant appearance in “The Private Life of Pippa Lee,” the charming “Three in New York,” the brisk “Kings of the Streets.” However, all these films were more or less below the radar, none of them became a hit, and other artists broke out into the stars (remember the triumphant return of Robert Downey Jr.). There were some passing blockbusters for money during these years, but all these “The Day the Earth Stopped” or “47 Ronin” – let’s be honest – it is better not to remember. At one point, Reeves even made his debut in directing, shooting in Beijing an excellent but still too narrowly focused action about martial arts “Master of Tai Chi.”

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And in 2014, everything changed. It happened when they did not wait – with the release of the first “John Wick.” Passing seemingly action movie about a good killer, staged by the same stunt double Keanu from the “Matrix,” became a rolling hit and marked the beginning of a new franchise. Today, Keanu needs absolutely everyone again. The cameras of the paparazzi closely watch him. He is constantly called to his films by the producer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige. He draws the heroes of video games, he again starred in a cool author’s movie (“Neon Demon”), but the main thing is that he finally established himself as almost the main action star of our time.

One of the memes is “Sad Keanu.”

How did that happen? Apparently, the cumulative effect worked. In 2010, when things were still not very good, the meme “sad Keanu” appeared. The network was filled with photos of a sad Reeves eating sandwiches and other crap on the bench. Over time, a description was attached to each of the frames, informing that the artist really lives modestly, and the view is sad due to life dramas – the death of a friend and a child in the early noughties. Then the transformation into a hero of Internet memes looked like another sign of the decline of his career. Today it is obvious that this was a new beginning.

Somehow, almost imperceptibly, Reeves turned from a celestial into what a real star should be – a man who breathes the same air with you, but at the same time can give if not faith in a miracle, then hope for a better outcome. Reeves did not ask – it is enough to look at his recent ad for the Saint Laurent advertising campaign to understand that, even living with an artist in the same New York, you will never become like him. Over the years, Keanu has become so much “star power” that it is now a work of art in itself. This is partly confirmed in the recent Netflix hit “You’re My Doubt,” in which Keanu played a caricature version of himself, once again conquering the hearts of not only the target audience but also everyone who came under fire from his charm.

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Saint Laurent via BestimageKeanu Reeves in the Saint Laurent fall-winter 2019/20 advertising campaign

Every week there are more and more news stories. Keanu met with a fan who settled next to the set. Keanu was photographed with a fan but did not touch her to violate his personal space. “John Ick 3” displaced from the first place of the box office of the last “Avengers.” Reeves again refused to star in Marvel films (but sooner or later, he will agree, probably). Keanu came to Russia to star in the film “Siberia” (terrible, but what difference does it make if Russian fans got the opportunity to meet with the idol?). Keanu voiced the character of Toy Story 4. Finally, in April, the first-ever Festival named after Keanu Reeves was held in Glasgow, where enthusiasts showed 13 films with his participation.

Simply put, 2019 is officially the year of Keanu Reeves. And, if you think about it, nothing is surprising about returning to The Matrix. The last film was released shortly before the last conservative rematch in the United States (with Bush Jr. at the head), the fourth “Matrix” will be released in the midst of the current Trumpian. And if it’s really time to save Americans (and all of us), then let the one who did well last time do it.

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