The editors of the WowCheckItOut celebrate the onset of not calendar, but real spring (the one that is “time for love”) with a long list of romcoms. If you want to forget about your own romantic blunders and laugh heartily at the heroes and together with the heroes, go ahead with these classical Romantic Comedies on Netflix.

50 First Dates

If you forgot about the existence of the naive comedy of 2004, let us remind you: Drew Barrymore plays perhaps the most forgetful girl in the world (every new day is a blank slate for her). The toggle switch of humor is twisted to the maximum by the hero of Adam Sandler, ready to start a relationship of zero from time to time.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Dramedy (to be meticulous) absorbed three full-fledged plots at once: both experiences about an unsuccessful marriage, and an awkward – primarily for the viewer – the story of puberty, and a kind of prequel to La La Landa (thanks to Ryan Gosling with a bare torso and charming Emma Stone).

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Legally Blonde

A classic short course of a happy empath: frivolous Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) enters Harvard to prove to an ex-boyfriend that he in vain put an end to her. The guy does not return – but finds himself.

Eurovision Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Two Icelandic performers (Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell) dream of winning a dubious music competition and gaining worldwide fame. In the play, the characters realize that the winner is not the one who receives 12 points from the rival countries but the one who meets love.

The Artist

The Academy Award winner for Best Film of 2012 is a black-and-white declaration of love for silent cinema. Silent movie star George Valentine doesn’t want to hear about the rapidly appearing microphones on the sets. And hopelessly in love with him, ingena Pippi Miller is about to become a star of sound cinema. Which will be stronger: love or ambition?

Safety Not Guaranteed

The story of young people who were disappointed in life early and paying for giving up their dreams. A newspaper intern (Audrey Plaza) goes with two experienced colleagues searching for a writer who has published a strange announcement that he is looking for a partner for time travel.

Mr. Right

Martha McKay (Anna Kendrick), who is pathologically unlucky in love, after parting with another deceiver, meets, it would seem, Mr. Perfection (Sam Rockwell). It turns out that the new boyfriend is absolutely only shooting with two hands: he is a hired killer and a fraudster.

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To All The Boys: Always and Forever

The final film of the super-popular Netflix teen trilogy All the Guys. The main character Lara Jean Covi is preparing for the end of high school and adulthood. And she thinks about whether there is a place in this adult life for her boyfriend, Peter.

The Lovebirds

Spouses on the verge of divorce during a trip to New Orleans are suspected of murder and, to escape, are now forced to work together.

Can’t Hardly Wait

School prom and yesterday’s high school students who have extensive plans for the night a.m. Someone is going to confess his love to the queen of the ball (Jennifer Love Hewitt), someone – to take revenge on classmates for years of ridicule, and someone, of course, to lose his virginity.

About Time

21-year-old Tim (Donal Gleason) learns from his father that all the men in their family can travel back in time. Superpower is very useful: Tim is in love with Mary (Rachel McAdams), who is in no hurry to reciprocate.

Someone Great

After parting with her beloved Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) gets a job as a Rolling Stone music columnist in San Francisco and spends the last – unforgettable – evening in New York with her best friends.

Always Be My Maybe

The directorial debut of writer, producer, and actress Ali Wong, in which she also plays Sasha, who returned to San Francisco to open a restaurant. Here she meets her childhood best friend, Marcus. Both wonder if friendship can develop into love.

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The Incredible Jessica

Jessica James, an aspiring playwright from New York, is going through a recent breakup with her beloved. Soon the heroine meets Boon, who helps her overcome a difficult period in life.

The Kissing Booth

High school student Elle (Joey King) is a long way from the school’s most popular girl, but everything changes when she walks into the Kissing Booth at the fall carnival and kisses heartthrob Noah (Jacob Elordi).

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

The unlucky musician wins the romantic lottery when he meets Ramon Flowers. He intends in an extravagant manner, inspired by computer games, to get rid of her seven ex-boyfriends.

Set It Up

Two assistants (Zoe Deutsch and Glen Powell) were tired of tolerating obnoxious leaders (Lucy Liu and Tay Diggs) and decided to bring them down: after all, love can warm the iciest hearts.

She’s Gotta Have It

Spike Lee’s first feature film. Tracy Camilla Jones as Nola Drying is juggling three potential boyfriends.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Shannon Purser from Stranger Things plays an outsider who teams up with the school star to win the heart of the most handsome guy.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

The life of Quiet Lara Jean (Lana Condor) is turned upside down when the letters she wrote to all the guys she was once in love with getting to the addressees.


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