The blockbuster “Godzilla vs. Kong” has finally been released on Kazakhstan’s big screens. We have already watched it and are ready to share fresh impressions! How good it turned out, whether it is worth going to the cinema and what emotions the film causes – we will tell you about all this right now!

Warner Bros. is well-known for the special zeal creations of the cinematic universe of monsters – the so-called pre-historic monsters, part of which is “Godzilla vs. Kong”.

Before him, “Kong: Skull Island” and two Godzilla films had already been released. Suppose you are not familiar with these films. In that case, we strongly recommend that you still watch them before going to the cinema, since the new tape is simply ruthless to beginners: a huge amount of pseudo-scientific and fantastic information in the spirit of Ren-TV will be knocked over on your head. It will shamelessly mention completely unfamiliar characters, which can make you completely uncomfortable. To understand anything, in the first third of the film, you have to catch on the fly every phrase and not be distracted by popcorn, but watching this without popcorn is also unforgivable. Conclusion: look at the previous films of the cinematic universe, and you will be happy.

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The main characters of the film are included in the title. Unfortunately, the human characters in this movie perform only the functional role of screaming, panicking individuals, and the narrative’s emphasis is clearly not on them. In this regard, all the scenes in which one uninteresting character chews another on the rules by which the film works drive into boredom and make the viewer look at the time. In the end, only a couple of heroes are remembered. Among these characters is a young adventurer, Millie Bobby Brown (the same Eleven from Stranger Things), whose image seems to be completely written off from her recent leading role in the film Enola Holmes. Also noteworthy is the young actress Kayley Hottl, who touchingly played the role of King Kong’s only friend. The rest of the caricature characters are clearly not what the viewer decides to go to this film for. And here we come to the most important thing: is an action good here?

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In short, the film’s spectacle is fine. The crazy somersaults that the camera makes around the huge titans during their collisions make you squeeze into the chair no worse than from a roller coaster. In terms of the number of explosions and destroyed buildings and equipment, Godzilla vs. Kong can definitely be compared with some Transformers. The size of the monsters is constantly emphasized by general plans, which abruptly turn into a large (a familiar technique if you like Tarantino’s films), and a very detailed drawing, up to every wrinkle, adds beyond the realism of formidable creatures. All this feast for the eyes is well seasoned with appropriate electronic orchestral music from Junkie XL, from which the impression is enhanced at times.

In the piggy bank of pluses, you can also write down the fact that the creators did not disclose all the film’s pleasant surprises in the trailer. And there is something to be surprised about: starting with fantastic landscapes in the spirit of the classic fantasies of Jules Verne and ending with a tooth-crushing curtsy to the history of Godzilla. Those who consider themselves to be fans of these monsters will have a good opportunity to squeal with delight already in the opening credits, and the breathtaking final fight fully justifies the price of a movie ticket.

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As a result, we get a recommended film to anyone who misses expensive and spectacular blockbusters. If you are not confused by clichéd characters and frankly stupid dialogue, but at the same time you want to get your portion of delight from the collisions of huge monsters, then “Godzilla vs. Kong” is your choice. By the way, you can be sure: in this fight, there will definitely be a winner, but who exactly – King Kong or Godzilla – you have to find out for yourself.


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