The film “Wrath of Man” from the inimitable Guy Ritchie with Jason Statham in the title role finally reached cinemas. What to expect from him, whether the director remained faithful to his corporate style and who should definitely see the picture – we will tell you about all this right now.

Gal Ritchie’s name has long been synonymous with cheerful comedy-crime movies, and if film titles like “Big Jackpot,” “Cards, Money, Two Trunks” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll” aren’t an empty phrase for you, then you definitely know what this director is all about. We did not have time to get enough of last year’s “Gentlemen,” and the British maestro already gives us something fresh and completely different from what we used to expect from him.

“Wrath of Man” is a real action movie with a rating of 18+, bloody and unshakable. The film’s title more than ever reflects the essence and mood of the film, in which from the cold anger and thirst for revenge of the protagonist as if even the air begins to fluctuate.

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The film’s main star definitely needs no introduction: Jason Statham here performs in his usual role and plays a laconic tough guy. Often you can hear the opinion that the actor from him is simply nothing. Still, at the same time, in Statham’s “Wrath of Man,” it is difficult to reproach for implausibility and artificiality. In the look, there is constantly a burning desire for revenge and cold indifference to others.

With all this, it is worth noting that the whole film does not leave the persistent feeling that before us is an indestructible and indestructible hero of any action movie from the 90s. By the way, we recall that one of the best roles in Statham’s career was just at Gay Ritchie in the film “Revolver.”

As you may have already understood, the film’s director Guy Ritchie this time departed from his usual style and decided to experiment. Those accustomed to light and cheerful films with proprietary clip editing will be surprised: in “Wrath Of Man,” there is a minimum of humor and a maximum of testosterone, there are no usual verbal squabbles, and the editing solutions often used by the director are inferior. The author’s style is seen only in a few scenes and seems to be preserved as a small pleasant bonus for loyal fans of Richie.

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At the same time, the film finds other ways to surprise: the audience may have unexpected analogies with the films of Tarantino and Nolan. The tape is divided into chapters (just like in Pulp Fiction), and the story is revealed from both sides of the conflict. Also, the picture is distinguished by a non-linear presentation of the plot – flashbacks and a parallel story are used here as one of the main elements of the narrative. If you’ve watched the movie “Inception,” you know exactly what it’s all about.

The film is almost entirely made in cold and dark colors, which only enhances the oppressive atmosphere, and the music twists all the indicators of severity to the maximum. From the first minutes, the picture clarifies that we are not here to joke jokes, and towards the end, the tension will make the viewer squirm in the chair and tear up the armrests. If you like tough movies about tough guys who are ruthless to their enemies and ready to do anything to achieve the goal, then this film is definitely worth seeing.

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As a result, we get a film that is not similar to the usual works of Gal Ritchie but at the same time for which there is no shame at all. “Wrath of Man” is a strong action movie, not devoid of easy experimentality. If you wanted the director something fresh and unlike everything previous, if you were looking for a movie that will bring down the cheekbones, then our congratulations, you found it. Just recall finally that the film’s rating is 18+, so it is better to leave the children at home.


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