Justin Bieber openly announced that he would soon become a father. But, it seems, only all further confused.

At the moment, Justin Bieber is vacationing with his wife somewhere on the sultry coast of America. But even on the most relaxed weekend, the musician can create a sensation. The popular singer shared on Instagram his photo next to Hayley, signing it quite unequivocally “mom and dad,” which led the press and fans to assume that the couple is expecting their first child immediately.

Instagram Photo

However, do not rush to rejoice for the young “parents” in the comments. While subscribers lashed out at the couple with congratulations, all famous friends and relatives publicly left the news without the slightest attention.

At the same time, Hayley herself is silent in social networks, who every day changes images with a bare press and does not give out her potential interesting position.

Perhaps fasting is just a sentimental wishful thinking impulse? Or an attempt to attract even more attention? Or did Justin want to say something different?

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