And it cancels another game prequel.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO is gearing up to delight Game of Thrones fans with new projects. In addition to the “animated series aimed at adults”, which became known back in January, there are at least two more in development.

The first of them will take place on a land that was not shown in the original series: in the Golden Empire of I-Ti, which is located in the southeast of Essos. The local society is considered one of the oldest and most developed and is inspired by imperial China (while Westeros is from medieval Europe).

Although it was briefly mentioned in Game of Thrones, Lord Corlis Velarion, the navigator from the upcoming House of the Dragon series, is famous for his travels to this state, which may be shown in a TV adaptation.

There are still no details about the other two projects, and representatives of HBO Max did not comment on these rumors in any way.

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The Hollywood Reporter also reports that HBO has given up on developing a Flea Bottom series about the famous slums in King’s Landing. This project has not been officially announced, and it has not progressed beyond the idea generation stage.

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