Exactly five years ago, the premiere of the first season of Stranger Things, a series that instantly became one of the most important projects in the Netflix catalog and once again revived the nostalgia for the 80s. The first anniversary is a great opportunity to revisit the season to see how well the show is passing the test of time. However, this is also a reason to remember that in the near future, there will be a new, already the fourth season of Stranger Things, which the creators had to postpone indefinitely due to the pandemic. We searched the Internet – we studied rumors, official announcements, and footage from the filming – and collected all the most interesting in one material:

How did the third season end?

Let’s first remember on what sad note the third season ended two long years ago. In short, the fight against the Mind Flayer (in some translations – the Mind Flayer) does not go unnoticed: Hopper sacrifices himself and seems to die in the explosion that Joyce arranged. Three months later, Winona Ryder’s heroine leaves Hawkins with Will, Jonathan, and her adopted child, Eleven, who has lost her abilities. The season ends on a cliffhanger – in a secret prison in distant Kamchatka, soldiers feed the Demogorgon one of the prisoners, among whom there is a certain “American.”

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What will the new season be about?

The fourth season was announced a few months after the release of the third – and the creators did it with a short teaser with the ambiguous caption “We are no longer in Hawkins.” The fans immediately realized that the action would finally go beyond Hawkins, and the fight against monsters from the parallel dimension would cease to be local in nature: the Byers family had just left there, and they showed us Kamchatka for a reason.

The creators did not build intrigue around the mysterious “American,” so they soon announced the return of Hopper. In the first official teaser, which was released already in February 2020, we were shown a Soviet concentration camp, and even though he was shaved bald, Hopper was still alive.

We had to wait a year and a half for the second teaser – it was released in May 2021 and, apparently, showed us a flashback from the past of Eleventh: Hawkins laboratory, kids with superpowers, and Dr. Martin Brenner asking: “Eleven, are you listening?” By the way, according to the annotations on YouTube (like 002/004), we can safely assume that we will have four teasers. When the third comes out is unknown.

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So, what can these terse and uninformative teasers tell us about the plot of Season 4? First, we can safely assume that the plot will primarily be built around the Eleventh, her past, and attempts to regain superpowers. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet the Chicago gang of Dr. Brenner’s other victims again (Season 2, Episode 7). Finally, the living Hopper is a clear hint that one of the storylines of the fourth season will unfold in Kamchatka and, possibly, will be associated with his escape. The only question is, how will the creators of the series combine the storylines of the heroes in the States and the Hopper branch? Will the Cold War between the USSR and the USA be exacerbated?

Filming, number of episodes and release date

Filming for the fourth season began back in February 2020, when the first teaser was released, but on March 14, they were terminated due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The production process continued in September of the same year and will be fully completed only in August this year. Obviously, the fourth season this year is not worth the wait! Finn Wolfard even bets on the middle of next year, but in order to brighten our expectations, almost all the stars of the series – from David Harbor to Maya Hawke – promise the most ambitious and insane season. By the way, it has already been officially confirmed that not the standard eight, but as many as nine episodes await us – the same number was in the second season. The first will be called Chapter One: The Hellfire Club, after the high school dungeons & dragons club.

New characters

11 people have joined the cast of the series – all of them will play minor characters. Here are some of the most interesting new heroes:

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Jason is a wealthy athlete who is dating the school’s most popular girl.

Argile is Jonathan’s new best friend, weed lover, and pizza courier.

Eddie is the head of The Hellfire Club, a high school dungeons & dragons club.

Victor is a man imprisoned in a mental hospital for a brutal murder he committed in the 1950s. The role was played by Robert Englund, known for the film series A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Will the fourth season be final?

No! The Duffer brothers have already admitted that they do not want to stretch their brainchild for more than five seasons, and last year they announced that the fourth season of Stranger Things would not be final.


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