Some actors we always associate with a particular film. For example, Julia Roberts is associated with “Pretty Woman,” Bill Murray – with “Groundhog Day,” and Christopher Reeve is difficult to imagine without a Superman costume. But not all of them sought to play the roles that glorified them. We remembered several cases when actors accidentally got almost the most important roles in their lives, making “classic” films what they are.

Tom Hiddleston as Thor

Who he ended up playing: Loki

Tom Hiddleston was one of the main candidates for the role of the mighty Thor and even gained almost 10 kilograms of muscle mass before casting. He would not play the evil, insidious and tragic Loki, but the filmmakers quickly realized that Tom was trying for the wrong role.

Hiddleston: “I was considered because I’m tall blonde and went through classical school, which seemed like the perfect formula for Thor – he had to be a classic character.”

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But instead, viewers saw the huge daring Chris Hemsworth as a superhero god. Hiddleston became the perfect Loki and is still considered one of the best villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cillian Murphy as Batman

Who he ended up playing: Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow

Cillian Murphy has some incredible quality that makes him a terrific villain and allows him to play strange characters. Unlike classic superheroes, Murphy does not have an outstanding lower jaw, but this did not prevent him from participating in the casting for the main role in the Nolan adaptation of the Batman comics (there is even a video where Murphy tries out in a Boyous Wayne costume).

Nolan only by the second film realized what is visible to the naked eye: Murphy is more suitable creepy and obsessed Scarecrow.

Sean Bean as James Bond in goldeneye

Who he ended up playing: Alec Travelian

Everyone was sure that EON Productions would choose Sean Bean for the role of James Bond after the departure of Timothy Dalton. Still, the distributor MGM rejected him and insisted on the candidacy of Pierce Brosnan.

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Instead, Bean got agent defector 006, who in the first versions of the script was Bond’s mentor. It remains only to imagine Bean in the role of Bond, but it is unlikely that Brosnan would have endowed Travelan with the same details.

Liam Hemsworth as Pete in The Hunger Games

Who he ended up playing: Gail Hawthorne

Chris Hemsworth’s younger brother became a Hollywood star after playing a third or more in The Hunger Games. Even before Jennifer Lawrence got the role of Katniss, Chris read the script and said that he was very interested in Pete’s character.

Of course, the role eventually got Josh Hutcherson, and it is for the best: fans to the last waited that Katniss will remain with Gail (Josh, no offense), which was the culmination of the entire trilogy.

James Franco as Spider-Man

Who he ended up playing: Harry Osborn

James Franco gained his first serious fame after Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. Initially, the actor auditioned for the role of friendly neighbor Peter Parker, but Tobey Maguire bypassed him.

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But someone saw the potential in Franco and realized that he was created for the stranger and less heroic characters than Spider-Man. So James became Harry Ozeborn – Peter Parker’s best friend and part-time Green goblin. And James gave us this meme.

Amy Irving as Carrie

She ended up playing: Sue Snell. Despite her best efforts, it’s hard to imagine anyone in the role of Carrie White other than Sissy Spacek. But, it turns out, she passed the casting together with her future colleague Amy Irving.

Irving eventually came up more with the role of Carrie’s classmate, who, unlike the other children, sympathized with her. Interestingly, Irving’s mother, Priscilla Poynter, played her mother on screen.

Christopher Charles Mintz-Plass as Kick-Ass

Who he ended up playing: Chris D’Amico

Surely Christopher “McTracher” Mintz-Plass could have an interesting approach to the role of Kickass in the film adaptation of Mark Millar’s comics. But he played the awkward son of a gangster who became a self-proclaimed super-villain that everyone even briefly forgot about McTracher.


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