In these videos, the actress accepts awards, greets fans, performs in the circus, and presents her films. The footage has been made available by the Associated Press and British Movitone, which have made hundreds of thousands of digitized videos publicly available since 1985.

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In this video, you can see several interesting shots with Marilyn Monroe: the actress rides in an open-top car and waves to the crowd arrives in Korea on a military plane to support American soldiers, receives a Look Magazine award from the hands of Lauren Bacall, along with Jane Russell leaves footprints. You can also see footage of Monroe at the premiere of the film in the company of Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, and her third husband, Arthur Miller. The last frame shows an actress with her second husband, baseball player Joe Di Maggio (1962).


Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood shortly after the release of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953).

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Monroe marries Joe Di Maggio (1954).


Marilyn Monroe arrived in London for the premiere of the American-British film “The Prince and the Dancer” (1956).


Marilyn Monroe at a charity party at the Barnum and Bailey Circus.


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