From the idol of teenagers to one of the main actors of Hollywood.

20. Vanilla Sky

Cameron Crowe, 2001

Rich and successful Tom Cruise get into a car accident, after which, disfigured, vainly tries to find sympathy from former friends and girlfriends. He decides on an operation, after which everything seems to return to normal – but soon, the hero plunges into even greater mad.

19. Days Of Thunder

Tony Scott, 1990

A promising newcomer to NASCAR circuit racing, Tom Cruise is stepping into the fight against experienced opponents. Things aren’t going the way we’d like, but Cruise is meeting the woman of her dreams — and that’s Nicole Kidman.

18. All The Right Moves

Michael Chapman, 1983

Hothead and star of the school football team, young (only 21 years old) Tom Cruise dreams of leaving his backwater town. But it meets problems: the coach and the main beauty of the school have other plans for the guy.

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17. The Color Of Money

Martin Scorsese, 1986

Billiard shark Paul Newman takes under the wing of a young and daring Tom Cruise to teach how to make big money on the tables. But although the newcomer does not occupy talent, he does not manage to curb his own temper. Which sooner or later leads to a confrontation between the teacher and the student.

16. The Firm

Sidney Pollack, 1993

A young and ambitious lawyer (Tom Cruise) gets a job in a law firm on fantastic terms. However, he soon finds out that his bosses work for the mafia and can not accept it—a talented adaptation of the novel of the same name by John Grisham.

15. Valkyrie

Ben Stiller, 2008

Grimmed beyond recognition into a balding brazen Hollywood producer, Tom Cruise is watching the shooting of the most expensive (and ridiculous) war movie ever.

14. Collaternal

Michael Mann, 2004

Jazz-loving assassin (Tom Cruise) holds a taxi driver with impressive driving skills captive to get from one target to another quickly. The actor brilliantly copes with the role of an antihero in the tense tape of Michael Mann.

13. A Few Good Men

Rob Reiner, 1992

A U.S. Navy lieutenant and aspiring lawyer, Cruz must defend two service members who allegedly killed a colleague in court. But starting to understand the case reveals several oddities.

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12. Cocktail

Roger Donaldson, 1988

A young and self-assured bartender dissolves into the world of easy money and sex until he meets a girl who is not up to his teeth. In fact, Top Gun is only in the cocktail world.

11. Rain Man

Barry Levinson, 1988

Businessman and selfish rogue Tom Cruise learn empathy and compassion through his autistic brother (Dustin Hoffman, by the way). It turned out so convincingly that the tape took four Oscars at once.

10. Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick, 1999

This film by Stanley Kubrick is the last in which Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starred when they were still together. This is a story about a married couple: two people, through sexual desires revealing the dark truth about each other.

9. Interview With The Vampire

Neil Jordan, 1994

For the first time, Tom Cruise plays a villain: a blonde in luxurious shirts and part-time – an immortal, morally devoid vampire Lestat.

8. Minority Report

Steven Spielberg, 2002

Using new technologies, a policeman from the near future catches criminals even before they have time to commit a crime. His career ends when he himself is charged with a murder that has not yet been committed. Career ends — problems begin.

7. Born On The Fourth Of Fuly

Oliver Stone, 1989

An adaptation of Ron Covek’s autobiographical book about a Vietnam veteran who became an anti-war activist. Cruise has a central role. The film has two Academy Awards and four Golden Globes.

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6. The Edge Of Tomorrow

Doug Lyman, 2014

The undying press secretary discovers amazing abilities that will help humanity survive. Had Groundhog Day had machine guns and ferocious aliens, it might have looked something like this.

5. Mission: Impossible

Ethan Hunt, 1996

A spectacular and inventive film, with which Tom Cruise began his career as one of the main heroes of the action movies of our time.

4. Magnolia

Paul Thomas Anderson, 1999

In this outstanding Anderson film, Tom Cruise plays a rather pathetic TV presenter with skeletons in the closet and a rather sensitive hidden side of the character.

3. Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire, 1996

Half sitcom, half introspective drama, proved that Cruise could handle an adult role while retaining his unique charm.

2. Risky Business

Paul Brickman, 1983

Brickman’s film made Tom Cruise an actor of the first magnitude and is still considered one of his most outstanding roles. The 21-year-old actor played a high school student whose meeting with a prostitute turned into many problems for him.

1. Top Gun

Pete Mitchell, 1986

Legendary, eternal, and one of the main roles in the career of Tom Cruise, for many years, to come determined the archetype of his character. Every young actor dreams of playing a guy like Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.


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