Animated films are made not only for children: the older you get, the easier it is to catch the nuances hidden between the lines (and the greater the desire to break from plots based on real events). WowCheckItOut has collected the best cartoons – from Disney finishable to cult classics, suitable for viewing alone and for film screenings with children.

Toy Story

No list of animated films would be complete without Toy Story, Pixar’s debut film that changed the course of Hollywood. The film ushered in a new era of digital animated films and pushed the genre into a better future—the case when technology draws with the heart.

The Lion King

Favorite animated movie of millennials. From the epic soundtrack to the truly scary villain Scar, The Lion King touches all the senses. After watching, hug your father.

Beauty and The Beast

As old as the world, the story is a classic love line and the first animated film to receive an Oscar for Best Picture.

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Inside Out

A fun and touching result of the Disney & Pixar collaboration. The action takes place in the mind of a young girl, where five emotions live that guide her actions and direct her in different life circumstances – whether it is moving to another city or entering a transitional age.


Oscar-winning cartoon Pixar and Disney are about a widower named Carl, who decides to fulfill the promise made to his deceased wife and goes on a fascinating journey to South Africa, tying thousands of balloons to his home. He accidentally grabs a young boy Russell, characterized by excessive sociability and cheerfulness. Insanely touching story, over which you will definitely let a tear.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wes Anderson’s stop-motion comedy is based on the 1970 children’s book of the same name by Roald Dahl. This cartoon is not just for children. Anderson’s signature and witty style, combined with rich graphics at the output, is an exciting and heartfelt adventure.


Disney musical about an ancient Greek God with a funny and inspiring soundtrack. Let the singing muses decorate your day.

How to Train Your Dragon

DreamWorks story is about a young teenage Viking Hiccup who wants to become a dragon tamer to recognize his tribe. Once, having ceded a dragon, the boy does not dare to finish off the wounded beast and instead becomes his friend.

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs remains a pioneering work of art in the field of animation today. This is Disney’s first animated feature film and the first cartoon in which each frame is hand-drawn. The picture of 1937 tells about Princess Snow White, living under the yoke of the evil stepmother of the Queen. The cartoon was so successful that, adjusted for inflation, it is still among the ten highest-grossing films in America. Fun fact: a year after the release, the Academy presented Walt Disney with an honorary Oscar, accompanied by seven miniature awards.


The cult Pixar film is about Remy’s mouse, who decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a chef by befriending a janitor in a Parisian restaurant. This inspiring blockbuster with a great rating won the Oscar for Best Animated Film in 2007.

The Adventures of Paddington 2

It would be strange not to include Paddington 2 in the list of cult classics. A fun live-action sequel tells the story of a bear looking for the perfect birthday gift for his aunt and is accused of committing a crime he didn’t commit.

The Secret of Coco

Inspired by the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead, “The Secret of Coco” tells the story of a boy Miguel accidentally caught in the Land of the Dead, where he meets his great-great-grandfather and, with his help, tries to lift his family’s ban on music. Colorful gorgeous animated film guarantees musical pleasure.

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Coraline in the Land of Nightmares

Puppet feature film 2009, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. Dakota Fanning voices Coraline, a young girl who discovers an alternative, button-filled secret universe outside the door of her new home.

Spirited Away

A 2001 fantasy anime film about a young girl who enters the spirit world of Japanese Shinto folklore to free herself and her parents by returning them to the human world. A stunning, brightly animated fairy tale.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas is a 1993 horror musical that tells the story of Halloween King Jack Skellington, who opens a portal to the Christmas town and falls in love with Christmas so much that he decides to arrange a holiday for people himself, trying himself as Santa Claus.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse

The first animated film, Spider-Man, is a fun, vibrant, and visually stunning achievement for the industry. The 2018 film won awards for animation, voice acting, humor, soundtrack, and an Oscar for Best Animated Film.


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