In addition to the obvious The Plaza, where Home Alone 2 was filmed, there are many other interesting (and unexpected) locations on this list, where popular films and TV series were shot.

Some Like It Hot

A frame from the film “Only Girls in Jazz.”

Hotel del Coronado East

In search of the perfect hotel, director Billy Wilder completely lost his way. The task was complicated because the place had to be beautiful and, in a certain sense, “historical” – the film takes place in 1929 when the so-called “Valentine’s Day Massacre” took place in Chicago – these events are reflected in the plot. As a result, the choice fell on the California Hotel del Coronado, so cinematic that many professionals were sure that this was the scenery. In the autumn of 1958, the film crew (in the amount of 200 people) lived in the hotel for about a week, during which they managed to shoot all the full-scale scenes. But the lobby, rooms, and banquet hall were filmed already in the pavilion of the film studio. Interestingly, the choice of the hotel was categorically dissatisfied… In the film, the mayor of Miami goes on tour to Florida, not California. The mayor told him of Coronado: ‘Some like it hot, but not as hot as Miami in September’ (the film’s original title is Some Like It Hot).

Home Alone

Still from the movie “Home Alone.”

The Plaza

The Plaza, located on the corner of Central Park, is perhaps one of the most popular hotels among filmmakers. North across Northwest, Crocodile Dundee, The Great Gatsby, the 2018 premiere of Ocean’s 8 Girlfriends… For more than 100 years, the famous New York hotel starred, according to the IMDb database, in 28 films. And that’s not counting those that mention Plaza. However, the most ambitious hotel is represented in the comedy “Home Alone 2”. Once again fighting off the family and mistakenly flying to New York, 10-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) easily manages to check into The Plaza on his father’s credit card and check into one of the best. At the hotel, he meets Donald Trump, who at that time was the owner of The Plaza and, of course, did not miss the opportunity to once again appear on the screen. Directly on the territory of The Plaza, scenes were filmed in the lobby and in the room in which Kevin lived. But the pool where he jumps, losing swimming trunks, is in Chicago’s Four Seasons. In Chicago, an episode was filmed in the penthouse, where at the end of the film, the entire McCallister family was settled. It was actually at a local Hilton hotel. That’s the magic of cinema.

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Maid In Manhattan

Still from the movie “Lady Maid.”

The Waldorf Astoria

It’s one thing to make a mockery of hotel employees for the sake of product placement in a popular comedy, and quite another to assume that the maid in your hotel can try on the guest’s clothes during the cleaning of the room and go for a walk in one of her costumes. The creators of the melodrama “Lady Maid,” apparently, it was not easy to negotiate with hotels in New York, so in the film, the heroine Jennifer Lopez works in a place with a fictitious name. Nevertheless, in the scenes at the entrance to the hotel, it is easy to recognize the facade and visor of The Waldorf Astoria, another historic hotel in New York, also beloved by filmmakers. In this hotel, the African king and his retinue in the film “Trip to America” settled, and it was there in the banquet hall that the famous tango scene from the film “The Smell of a Woman” was filmed. At the moment, the hotel is closed for renovation. According to the plan, it will begin to receive guests again after 2020. Returning to “Lady Maid,” however, it is worth clarifying that the shooting of episodes in the rooms was held in another hotel in New York – The Roosevelt.

Man and Woman (1966)

Still from the movie “Man and Woman.”

Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy

The film about the love of the French director Claude Lelouch “Man and Woman,” was released in 1966 and won the “Palme d’Or” of the Cannes Film Festival, the Oscar award in the category “Best Foreign Language Film” and the recognition of viewers around the world. 50 years later, in 2016, it was again shown in Cannes as part of a special program, Cannes Classics. The film was shot in the resort of Deauville, and some scenes were shot at the local Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy. Recently, a serious renovation was completed there, but the hotel carefully preserves evidence of involvement in creating a masterpiece. So, one of the suits is dedicated to “Man and Woman,” which is emphasized by photos of the most famous shots from the cult film.


Still from the movie “Cherie”Kinopoisk

Hôtel du Palais

Likely, you have not even heard about the film “Sheri,” shot in 2009 by British director Stephen Frears based on the novel of the same name by Colette. Surprisingly, he did not scrutinize a wide audience, despite the attention of critics and a stellar cast. Katie Bates and Felicity Jones played the supporting roles, and Michelle Pfeiffer and Rupert Friend talentedly played the main characters. She is an experienced courtesan Leia. He is Cherie, the young spoiled son of her friend. In the yard of Paris of the early twentieth century, and their love, of course, in the end, will not bring happiness to anyone. The heroes prefer to love and suffer in the beautiful scenery. In particular, from the feelings that have poured over her, Leia escapes to the Hôtel du Palais in Biarritz.

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Pretty Woman

Still from the movie “Pretty Woman.”

A Four Seasons Hotel

The legendary “Pretty Woman” was filmed, it seems, only the lazy author of such lists did not write. Though no, lazy wrote too. Richard Gere’s hero lived in the most expensive room at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. And although the film is more than 25 years old, the hotel is on-site and feels great. However, you will not be able to live in the same penthouse for any money. The fact is that from the real Beverly Wilshire in the frame, only the facade, and lobby. Even the restaurant and bar were filmed in other places, and the room’s interiors were built on the film studio. Despite this, the hotel fully exploits its participation in the film, periodically offering special programs for cinephiles, including accommodation in the Presidential Suite, shopping on Rodeo Drive, and an evening at the opera. However, even if you live in another hotel, no one prevents you from going to the Beverly Wilshire bar and ordering a Pretty Woman signature cocktail.

Midnight In Paris

Still from the movie “Midnight in Paris.”

Le Bristol

Woody Allen’s film made a lot of noise. Is it a joke, in one of the roles was announced Carla Bruni, the first lady of France. With special trepidation, the premiere, which took place within the framework of the Cannes Film Festival, was expected not only in the Elysee Palace but also in the Le Bristol hotel located across the street from it, because it was there that the main character stayed with the family of his bride. All the shooting took place in the hotel itself, and those who have been there easily recognize the interiors. It is located on the rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré and is popular with Hollywood stars and representatives of the world political elite.


Still from the movie “Somewhere.”

Principe di Savoia

Although the title “Somewhere” hints at some spatial uncertainty, the film takes place in two particular places: the Chateau Marmont hotels in Los Angeles and the Principe di Savoia in Milan. The first is a well-known gathering place for leading Hollywood newsmakers, and the main character, popular and successful actor Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff), rents an apartment there. The presidential in Principe di Savoia serves him and his daughter (Elle Fanning) as a temporary shelter in Italy. Filming took place entirely on the territory of the mentioned hotels, which were happy to cooperate with Sofia Coppola. Chateau Marmont, by the way, is present in the main summer hit of 2016: closer to the finale of the musical, there is an episode where the main character, who has achieved recognition and fame, goes to her home. In the frame, the facade of the “chateau” is shown – an unconditional marker of success for those who understand.

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Lost In Translation

Still from the movie “Lost in Translation.”

View from Park Hyatt Tokyo

“As a child, I spent a lot of time in hotels when I went with my father to shoot. I was very interested in watching the guests and generally enjoyed being there. The hotel is a separate world,” says Sofia Coppola. The fact that she is sensitive to hotels can be judged by how often the action in her films takes place there. So the heroes of her famous film “Lost in Translation” met at the Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel. As in the case of the film “Somewhere,” everything on the screen is honest: the shooting of the hotel was completely carried out there. However, there is still one nuance. In the story, the characters Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray live in different rooms. In fact, we see the same situation, in which the film crew was allowed to make permutations. Under the contract, Tokyo Park Hyatt has no right to use its presence in the film for its own promotional purposes, but in the menu of the same bar, although in encrypted form, there is still a special signature cocktail based on sake called L.I.T.

Ocean’s Eleven

Still from the movie “Ocean’s 11.”

The Bellagio

If about any hotel and we can say that it itself has already become a symbol of someplace, it is The Bellagio in the gambling capital of the United States, Las Vegas. The hotel has been seen in many movies and TV series. Still, perhaps the most famous scene with his participation is present at the end of the film “Ocean’s Eleven” when the whole gang of protagonists lines up against the background of its facade and famous fountains.

Sex And The City

A-frame from the series “Sex and the City.”

Hôtel Plaza Athénée

Letting filmmakers on its territory, each hotel hopes that the film will “shoot” at the box office and deserve people’s love, and therefore attention to the filming location. But it’s always a lottery, of course. But whether the last season of “Sex and the City” will be successful, it was unnecessary to guess. By the time the main character needed to settle in a Paris hotel, the HVO series was already thundering around the world – so that the creators of the authors could choose from the best. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) stayed in the suite of the Plaza Athénée hotel. One of the most beautiful in Paris, also located on Avenue Montaigne, is a stone’s throw from the boutiques of Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and the like.


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