From “Ted Lasso” to “Dickinson,” you just don’t have time to watcheverything. In this collection you will find only what is definitely worth paying attention to.

11. Truth Be Told

Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul, and Lizzie Kaplan played in the series, which collected all the relevant topics and buzzwords. The podcast writer, who once helped solve a real crime, is haunted by past thoughts. Suddenly, evidence emerges that can refute the results of the investigation. The series was not without weaknesses and did not fully meet expectations, so it is destined for the last place in this rating.

10. See

The skillfully shot sci-fi saga plot with a large budget “See” takes place in a future where people are deprived of vision. The intriguing idea opens up opportunities for high-quality visual storytelling and the creation of a new fantasy world. Alas, its execution leaves much to be desired: a weak world-building, undisclosed characters. The show may be of interest to those who want to watch something in the style of “Game of Thrones,” but it will not become a full-fledged replacement.

9. For All Mankind

When the conflict between the United States and Russia escalated and reached a critical point, it’s time to rewrite the history of the space race to form the basis of a piercing story about the struggle for influence. Like the American rockets in this series, the picture “For all mankind” did not start successfully. Before the plot finally fired, there were several tedious episodes in sublime tones.

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8. In the rhythm of life

We really wanted The Rhythm of Life to be outstanding. But in the end, he does not stand out from the others. Housewife from the 80s, Rose Byrne, fell into the trap: she suffers from an unhappy marriage and an eating disorder. The director used the technique of stream of consciousness, so we have a chance to penetrate the inner world of Byrne, with characteristic feminine features – self-digging, desperate fun, and self-doubt. Sometimes it presses, but it conveys the painful state in which the heroine mentally resides. To bring the series to life, Byrne did a hard job. And yet it could have turned out much better, although the scenes with aerobics and cause nostalgia for the 80s.

7. Defending Jacob

Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery are the main characters of the popular mini-series about parents trying to find a way out of the situation when their son became the main suspect in the murder case. Who doubted the acting future of Evans after playing Marvel – take a moment to watch. And don’t forget “Get the Knives.”

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6. Dickinson

It’s not the Emily Dickinson you heard about from an English teacher in high school. In this spectacular 15-minute comedy series written by screenwriter Alena Smith, who looked at the famous poet through the eyes of modernity, Dickinson is a teenager rebelling against patriarchy and criticizing nineteenth-century society. It tries to pacify her ambitions in literature and sacrifice them to the peaceful life of a housewife. All this is diluted with the music of Billie Eilish, opium parties with Tverking and Wis Khalifa – the real embodiment of death. As a result, behind this chaotic set, the image of the real Emily is blurred. English teachers will howle, book purists will chuckle. The abrupt, dramatic transitions will put off even viewers who don’t care so much about Emily Dickinson. And yet, it’s a funny sight.

5. Servant

Briefly about the plot: after the tragic loss of a child, the couple brings up a “doll.” What happens when a nanny shows up in the house? Everything goes to hell. Maybe literally.

4. The Elephant Queen

The Queen of Elephants is a documentary series about an elephant herd traveling through Africa. The story is narrated on behalf of Civetel Ejiofor. The combination of breathtaking scenery and Ejiofor’s soft English accent makes the heartbeat more often. The world of “Queen of Elephants,” as aggressive and not forgiving mistakes, as in the series “Planet Earth” and “Dynasties,” is the best offer of Apple TV+ in terms of visualization and atmosphere.

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3. The Morning Show

“Morning Show” with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, perhaps the most sensational project Apple TV+, and also so expensive that it can be compared with “Game of Thrones.” However, this does not deprive the television series of unfortunate moments and dialogues, from which you want to roll your eyes (when Jennifer Aniston reproaches Steve Carell and forbids him to say “Me too”). But the dignity is still much greater.

2. Mythic Quest

Rob McElhenny’s Mystery Quest is a fantastic combination of some and genuine purity. The plot revolves around the largest in the history of a multiplayer computer game created by a crazy and very cheerful team. What makes this absurd film truly lively is an appeal to real human problems. The episode about the pandemic turned out to be very heartfelt. The isolation that the whole world experienced in 2020 is keenly felt.

1. Ted Lasso

The most life-affirming modern television series. This is the story of the optimist Ted Lasso (played by Jason Sudeikis), who went to England on an offer to head a local football club. Somehow, the show manages to remain believable, even when the plot twists are frankly far-fetched, and this would never have happened in the real world.


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