We feel sorry for them, love them, fear them and despise them – in general, these heroes will never be strangers to us. It has long been known that the more hateful the character, the more interesting, deeper, and closer to the viewer. A long series of traumatic events, lack of love, thirst for power, and wealth made the heroes of this collection as we now love them.

Breaking Bad

Antihero: Walter White is a humble chemist who became methamphetamine, Tony Montana.

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) works as a chemistry teacher, he has a small salary, and he has to earn money at a car wash – there was a humiliating case when he washed his student’s car. By the end of the series, the quiet Walter will turn into a drug lord who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. His cruelty, pride (he does not want to accept any help from outsiders), and the desire to manipulate the lives of loved ones, White justifies “good intentions”: he wants to earn money for his family. It quickly becomes clear that on the way to becoming methamphetamine king, this is no longer an end in itself.

House of Cards

Antihero: Frank Underwood is a heartless manipulator who goes over his heads to power.

Not having received at the beginning of the series the promised post of Secretary of State, Underwood weaves intrigues in the style of the Borgia family and achieves the presidency as a result. However, Frank would not have made this list if he had not killed the main thing in the series – the concept of the American dream. Kevin Spacey is depicted on the series poster with bloody hands for a reason – with these hands, he day after day, episode after episode, destroyed any concept of freedom and democracy, subjugating under himself everything dear to others. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Lord Voldemort said, “Only I can live forever,” and Frank is convinced that only he is worthy of power.

Killing Eve

Antiheroin: Oksana Astankova / Villanelle is a psychopathic killer in love with a subtle mental organization.

A stylish killer named Villanelle is familiar even to those who have never watched the series “Killing Eve.” Her outfits are frequent guests of fashion magazine collections. Cruelty, unscrupulousness, ingenuity, and love for elegant methods of murder stretch for the girl with a bloody train, and she has already become a celebrity among colleagues and mi6 agents who chased her in the first season collaborated with her in the second season. In the third, they are already afraid to approach her. Villanelle has one weakness – former MI6 agent Eva Polastry. Their mutual passion and even dependence on each other have become a major dramatic element. If Villanelle brutally killed people for money and beautiful Parisian apartments at first, her number one goal is to get to Eve before she gets to her.

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Antihero: Dexter Morgan is a sociopathic maniac who kills only bad people.

Forensic scientist Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) can tell all about the crime by splashes of blood. In his spare time, he kills people, observing, however, two rules that his adoptive father taught him – to kill only guilty people and skillfully cover his tracks. Dexter is the most emotionless person – he even has to imitate emotions so that others do not suspect something is wrong. The man’s thirst for murder lies in his childhood: at the age of 8, he (along with his older brother Brian) witnessed the murder of his mother. The boys sat in a pool of blood for three days until they were found. From that moment on, his cruelty and coldness were manifested. First, he began to kill dogs and later people. Despite all the hell described, Dexter does not have a soul in children – when his beloved Rita gave birth to his son. The man devoted all his free time from murder to him.

Mad Men

Antihero: Don Draper is an alcoholic and a hanger whose weaknesses hurt others.

A talented advertiser, highly valued by colleagues, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is a womanizer and alcoholic, for whom, however, the audience experienced a long seven seasons. Draper’s reluctance to talk about his past took the audience back to life from the start. In a military hospital, he was confused with the killed commander and given a reward. Draper did not object and thereby got a chance to start life from scratch. Of course, he was tormented by conscience, and therefore all sins – alcoholism, infidelity, mistresses, and bestial attitudes towards them – seemed to be justified by this inner darkness. Riddled with contradictions, Draper became an ideal anti-hero – he is a family man, a Lovelace, and a principled person in work.

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Antihero: Pablo Escobar is a cocaine king whose cruelty knows no bounds.

Biographical crime drama tells about the real drug lord Pablo Escobar, the head of the Medellin drug cartel. By the end of 1980, his cartel controlled 80% of the global cocaine market — Escobar could literally burn money, which further inflated his conceit. Murders, kidnappings and tortures, threats to those in power, blackmail, arson of competitive cartels – Escobar did everything to become what he became – the richest drug dealer, before whom people trembled with fear. In the series, the role of Pablo Escobar was played by Brazilian actor Wagner Moura. Thanks to him, we saw a tough, manipulative man who became such for the sake of his family being in abundance and safety. It’s an evil irony when you consider the danger he put it in when the hunt for him began.

Tiger King

Antihero: Joe Exotic is a megalomania narcissist who uses people for his own benefit.

In the Netflix documentary series about exotic animal breeder Joe Exotic, it seems that the villains are everything. And Carol Baskin, the woman who killed her husband and fed his body to tigers (if you believe the speculation), and another breeder Antl, who seems to have not recovered from Woodstock and still lives in the commune with his many wives. But already from the third or fourth series, it becomes clear that all this foolishness revolves around the narcissistic personality of Joe, everyone is unhappy around him: his first husband, who ran away from him with a pregnant girl, and the second, who committed suicide almost live, and the employees of his zoo, tired of psychological violence. Joe is the perfect villain of our time with many complexes, unresolved mental problems, and unhealed wounds, which is why others suffer. By the way, recently, it became known that in the upcoming game series based on this story, Joe Exotic will play Nicolas Cage – it seems that this is a combo.


Anti-hero: Sex addict whose vices cost her best friend’s life.

Writer and producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a true revelation of recent years. Staged on a one-person show, the series in two seasons became a story of overcoming trauma, accepting their demons, and redemption. Waller-Bridge herself played the main role (now it is difficult to imagine someone else) – a girl who at first seems to us a disgusting person, but in her, everyone will see their own vices. The heroine is not a typical villain. We immediately see: something terrible and dark eats her from the inside, but she has no strength to fight it. It is noteworthy that this archetype will remain in other works of Waller-Bridge – “Killing Eve” and “Run” also tell about women who moved to their own dark side.

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BoJack Horseman

Antihero: A cynical alcoholic suffering from loneliness and self-loathing.

Anthropomorphic characters inhabit the animated series “Horse BoJack.” The main character is the horse BoJack (Will Arnett), among his friends, enemies, and ex – the cat Princess Caroline, a guy named Todd, a girl Diana, a Labrador Mr. Tail, and other anthropomorphic animals that BoJack ruined life. Once BoJack was a star of show business but now drags out a very miserable existence – he drinks relentlessly, complains of loneliness, and considers everyone around him stupid. The saddest thing about BoJack’s story is its realism; despite the format, the whole series is a satire of Hollywood reality, where you can lose everything overnight and become a nobody. But over time, it becomes clear that the problems in BoJack’s life are the result of his quarrels, self-pity, and irruptainable cynicism. All this does not allow her to let something good into his life.

Harley Quinn

Antiheroin: a criminal and a psychopath for which revenge for a painful break became the meaning of life.

Since psychotherapist Harlene Quinzel fell into a vat of acid (through the fault of the Joker or her own free will – in this testimony diverge), her new life began, and the criminal Harley Quinn appeared. It took her a long time, or rather a whole season of the animated series, to realize that the Joker did not really love her but used her for his dirty deeds. Harley Quinn’s problem, as we find out, is much deeper, and the series itself is better and funnier than the Margot Robbie movie. Everything lies in the lack of love and trust since the childhood of baby Harlin. Only after finding a true friend in the face of Poison Ivy and the new team Quinn will realize that the Joker is a narcissistic psychopath who has no place in her life, and she is much cooler and smarter in order not to be his appendage, but to be a whole person.


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